6/1/15 05:30PM

One Step Closer

ManorCare of Kankakee Transitions Patients Between Hospital and Home

After illness or surgery, millions of patients require rehabilitation between hospital and home. In 2014, HCR ManorCare centers (parent company to ManorCare of Kankakee), provided nearly 162,000 rehabilitation stays with more than 90% of those patients returning home after completing rehab. ManorCare of Kankakee treats patients with hospital-level acuity and medically complex conditions, such as strokes, joint replacements and cardiac recovery as they transition from hospital to home. According to Dewayne Tremain, Administrator at ManorCare of Kankakee, Getting patients back to their lives is the goal, and by taking advantage of our skilled nursing and therapy, we get them one step closer to that goal.

Whether a patient is recovering from surgery, illness or injury, ManorCare works with the patient, family members and physicians to create individualized care plans that recognize the unique needs to each patient. While a few stairs to get in and out of the house may not seem like a lot, to a patient who just had knee surgery those steps could be the difference between going to a follow-up appointment at the doctor or staying home, said Kristin Morrow, Director of Rehabilitation at ManorCare of Kankakee. By spending a few weeks working on strength, stamina and confidence, patients return home able to manage their care and are less likely to return to the hospital.

The combined efforts of the therapy, rehabilitative nursing, dietary and social services departments provide guidance, family support and the encouragement needed for patients to return to their independent lifestyles. If a patient lives alone or has minimal support at home, we want to make sure they can stand long enough to prepare a meal, pick up a bag of groceries, or carry a load of laundry without falling typical things we take for granted until we are suddenly unable to do them, said Kristin. Our rehabilitation gyms are bustling with activity daily, with patients working on regaining strength, stamina and the skills they need to return home. 96% of therapy patients in 2014 went home safely and feeling like their therapists understood their rehabilitation needs.

ManorCare of Kankakee, located at 900 West River Place in Kankakee (just east of the Kankakee River), is part of the HCR ManorCare family. The HCR ManorCare health care family comprises centers that are leading providers of short-term post-acute services. With 60,000 caregivers nationwide, HCR ManorCare centers are preeminent care providers in their communities. These locations operate primarily under the respected Heartland and ManorCare Health Services name. Our skilled nursing and rehabilitative centers provide post-hospital care for patients transitioning from hospital to home. Our clinical teams have the demonstrated track record and commitment to impact the success of patients needing this level of post-acute care so they can return home to a meaningful lifestyle. To view our video vignettes on the post-hospital experience at ManorCare, click on http://www.heartland-manorcare.com/why-us/road-to-recovery/

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