1/18/16 01:24AM

Must Love Paws provides Professional Pet Care in Your Home, A Safer Alternative to Boarding

Professional pet sitting offers many advantages over kenneling to both pets and their owners. Must Love Paws offers a go-to solution for local residents.

With a recent increase of various viruses, pet owners are questioning the safety of their pets in public areas when exposed to other animals. While facilities do their best to maintain a clean and safe environment, pet parents are finding out that the risk still exists for pets to contract illnesses such as Kennel Cough and fleas. "Many people are unaware that an alternative exists," says Cindy Spence, owner of Must Love Paws Pet Care. "I often have to explain to inquiring clients that we do not offer boarding but a much more convenient option."

There are many other benefits of in-home pet sitting as well. Being placed in a kennel can be a traumatic experience for cats and dogs and most are more comfortable at home with their familiar surroundings and belongings. A pet sitter makes visits to the home to offer supplemental care which includes feeding, watering, potty breaks, playtime, and love and attention. The care received is personalized to the needs of each pet and they get the undivided attention of the sitter at their private visit. "At the end of the day, in-home pet sitting gives you more control over your pets care," said Cindy. "You explain their schedule and we provide the specified care."

Schedules are customized to the needs of your pet but the standard includes 3 daily visits to your home. Pricing is reasonable and is even more affordable than boarding for households with multiple pets, especially. Your home will also be looked after and given a 'lived-in" look providing an even more peaceful and worry-free experience. "Your home is the safest place for your pet," adds Cindy. "If your pet's safety is a concern, the best place for them is where you know they have comfort and familiarity while you are away. I provide peace of mind by sending clients a daily text message update on their pet, assuring they are safely at home and being cared for by a professional."

Must Love Paws also offers dog walking for those that work long hours and need care on a daily basis. Pet care and a free Meet & Greet visit can be scheduled by contacting 815-260-1662 or by visiting www.mustheartpaws.com.

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