6/29/15 12:30PM

Making Science a Scinch!

A new Champaign, IL science education startup is changing the way science is taught, one adorable cartoon character at a time.

Science education is about to get a makeover, thanks to a Champaign, IL science education startup company, Scinch, LLC, founded by four graduate students and alumni from the University of Illinois. The Scinch team is simplifying complex science topics through carefully crafted cartoon characters, pictures, stories, games, and hands-on activities. The Scinch team hopes to build a society that recognizes how amazing and fun science can be. We look forward to the opportunity to bring people together with science and inspire the next generation to not just learn science, but to LOVE science, said the team at Scinch.

This budding young business is founded on the idea that any individual, scientifically minded or not, can learn to love and appreciate science. Its no secret that as our children grow older, more and more of them lose interest in the scientific world. Scientific subjects have become taboo, shrouded in infamy for being difficult! So what is Scinchs response to childrens disinterest? Fundamentally change the way scientific content is presented. Through the use of lovable, adorable, and memorable cartoon characters, children are exposed to scientifically correct information in a relatable and easy to remember way.

The Scinch team uses their characters to teach everything from bonding and chemical composition to balancing equations, naming, and chemical reactivity. Their unique products include several decks of cards, childrens books, and at-home experiment kits. Each product line fully incorporates their personified elements and molecules and uses these cartoon characters to weave tales rich with scientific content. All the Scinch products are meant to teach science through supplemental at-home instruction and can be used with friends, family, kids, adults, or anyone who wants to learn more about science.

So, if you are looking for a way to occupy your child's time while on summer vacation, consider dropping by Scinch's website and checking out their new products. Have your elementary school aged children travel with Harry the Hydrogen to space in a full color picture book as he learns all about what makes hydrogen so special or have your middle school aged children shoot off rockets, crush cans with the power of air pressure, and feel what it's like to be inside a vacuum with Scinch's first experiment kit "Gases and Pressure." There is no doubt you and your children will fall in love with the Scinch characters, and maybe you'll learn something in the process.

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